#Ife’s Awesome!

Awesome Ife
Ife’s Awesome!

This month I’m joined by Spoke’n Revolutions Alumn, Itza Salazar-Martinez, as we interview Ife Sangode. Ife and Itza were original members of the 2011 Underground Railroad tour.  In our interview, we talk to her about her involvement with SpokenRev, how she got started with it, her current activism and how one act during the tour really changed her assumptions about people. Hear how it’s undeniable that transformation occurs. One revolution at a time.

Azban the Trickster

A crafty creature, he disrupts the order of things. He uses cunning to get food, steal precious possessions, or simply causes mischief.  This cool cat knows how to throw a party, have it catered, cause a fight.  We ran into him and his gang this summer and lived to tell about it. Continue reading “Azban the Trickster”

Goon Squad!!!

Some of the original (male) members of Spoke’n Revolutions Youth Cycling called themselves the Goon Squad.  They were a close-knit group of boys that found a bond even closer after our first tour of the Underground Railroad.

Here they are acting “normal” and reminding me just how fun it is to have youthful people around you.

It Just Changed My Life

It’s Like Family, It Just Changed My Life

In my attempt to bring the beauty of biking into the hearts and minds of young brothers and sisters I became involved with the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). It was during my training in Virginia where I met two phenomenal young men who race in the middle school and high school category. Their stories just blew me away and reinforced my mission to introduce Black and Latino youth to the joys of biking.

Introducing Biking In Color

OMG It’s a Bike!

When was the last time you experienced the freedom a bike can bring? Introducing Biking in Color – the podcast about the intersection  of bikes and youth of color.

When I’m asked what we do over the summers with youth, people look at me and think it’s truly amazing. Because we’re always prepping the next group of teens for a life changing experience we sometimes forget the impact that’s being made and has been made for those youth who’ve processed that impact. In this podcast, we’ll bring you those stories.